Q.1. How can I purchase coupons at Loot100.com?

Following is the process to buy coupons from Loot100.com

  1. Select coupons you buy.
  2. Enter your email address and billing details. You will be automatically register to our website if not registered.
  3. Make the payment via:
    • Net Banking
    • Debit Cards
    • Cash Cards
    • Paymate Mobile Payment
    • COD
  4. Login to our website.
  5. Print coupons from 'My Coupons List' tab in your profile.








Q.2. What if my coupons does not work?

Please write to us within 15 days of your purchase with the details and we will refund your entire amount. If your coupon does not work make sure that you do not use the bonus points awarded with your purchase on loot100.com contests. For more details please read our refund policy carefully.

Q.3. My coupon did not work. Can I get another coupon in place of it?

If your coupon does not work then you must inform us within 15 days and we will refund or exchange your coupon for you.

Q.4. I used some of my bonus points and my coupon do not work. What should I do?

If you have used your bonus points then you will not be able to get any refund. However we will be more than happy to help you and understand your problem and if things are in order then we will provide/exchange any coupon of same value at no extra charge.

Q.5. What is sponsored contest?

A sponsored contest is the one which is funded by a company to promote themselves or their product to loot100.com users. Generally these contests do not require any points to enter and they are sometimes being used for survyes, polls etc.

Q.6. If I answer the questions correctly will I get the prize?

Once the contest is finish, we will put together all the players’ entries (ticket numbers) who have given the correct answers of questions. If there is more than one person with correct answer for the contest then winner will be selected by computer randomly. After announcing the winner’s name, we will inform him or her and ask for the required personal information that we want before giving the prize. Only upon verification of identity the prize is given. If the required information is not provide or not verified then we run the process again.

Q.7. How do you select the winner?

Once the quiz is over, if there are more than one person who is eligible for the prize then, we select the winner randomly by computer. Everytime someone provides the correct answer, his/her entry is marked in the system for reference. If there are more than one correct entry then system selects one of this users randomly to pick a winner.

Q.8. The quiz closed yesterday and you have all the details with the winner’s photo within in 24 hours. How do you do that?

We do it quick and fast! How we do, it’s here.

  1. We choose the winner via computer as mentioned above.
  2. Then announce the winner and inform him or her about his or her winning the quiz and terms and conditions also tell about the information that we want from him or her as we will not give the prize till winner’s required details not delivered to us.
  3. After that we will send a mail to winner asking about his personal details like address, face book profile link, photo, and all.  We also tell to send the required details as soon as possible to work fast. One important thing that we require is PAN Card number.
  4. We use these details; create our banners to make the announcement.

So in total, the whole process takes less 24 hours.

Q.9. What can you do if I am still not convinced with the whole process of declaring the winner?

We will welcome your visit to our office anytime and you can freely check out the whole process to declare the winner.

Q.10. How do you feel when people call Loot100 Fake, some connections of the site with the winner and other unfounded allegations?

We really feel very bad. As our site Loot100.com is an honest and transparent process that lets you to play at home and enhance your general knowledge.  All knows at last winner will be one but not winning creates a little disappointment so it should not lead to irresponsible allegations. We are doing honest work and we are proud to do so.

Q.11. What if I do not want to use my bonus points? Can I exchange them for cash?

Bonus points are complementary and they do not hold any cash value. They are just one way of saying you thank you for your purchase so that you can use that to win exciting prizes at loot100.com.
No, you can not exchange bonus points for cash nor you can transfer them to anyone.


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