The Simple Loot100 Process At a Glance

Step 1: Sign In and Buy Coupons Online.

Sign In to Your Account/ Register a new account and buy coupons online. With every purchase get BONUS points in your account

  1. "Sign in URL" through your Facebook, Google+ or Registered Email account.
  2. Select Coupons you wish to buy and make payment via various options - Net Banking, Debit Card or COD etc.
  3. For every purchase you will receive bonus (complementary) points from to enter different quizzes for free.

Step 2: Select Contest(s) of Your Choice

Choose a Live Contest and Answer the Featured Question. Choose a contest and answer the question that pops-up after clicking the 'Enter Now' button. If your answer is correct, you get a chance to win the respective prize.

  1. Click on the desired contest.
  2. Click the 'Enter Now' button.
  3. Read the question carefully.
  4. Select your answer by clicking the radio button provided in front of the respective option.
  5. If your answer is correct, your participation is automatically preceded to the next step of winner selection.

Step3: Wait for Minimum Participation

An ultimate winner will be selected when minimum number of participations is received and expiry date is met.

  1. The respective Participations Bar is displayed on the details page of every contest.
  2. Contest expiry date will not be declared unless the minimum participations are received.

Step 4: Contest Winner from Correct Answer is Selected via Computer

The ultimate winner is selected electronically.

  1. An electronic draw is conducted to pick up one winner from all the participants who have answered the questions correctly.
  2. The winner will be informed about his/her selection via Email and provided phone numbers.

Steps 5: Choose Your Prize from the Contest Products List

If you win, you can pick-up any desired product from the contest list.

  1. Choose a prize from the available list as per your preference.
  2. Inform us about your top three preferences in case the selected prize is unavailable.
  3. Your prize will be delivered to you. For more details, please review our shipping terms and conditions.

Note: The choice of prizes is subject to availability in the market. For further details, please read our Terms and Conditions.


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